Re: “LePage calls father of deceased Muslim U.S. soldier a ‘con artist’ “ (Aug. 25):

It saddens me greatly that the governor of Maine would belittle the Khan family, which has lost the dearest thing in their heart: their dear son, serving in the U.S. Army. How dare this governor say such a thing? What is he thinking – or is he not thinking?

I served in the Marine Corps during the Vietnam War, along with my two sisters and two brothers. There was not a day served that all of us did not worry about what might happen. Our governor didn’t serve, so he is not in the know in that respect, I would have to say.

That our own governor makes such careless and inappropriate statements about a family that has given its all hits at the heart of all families. This is beyond anyone’s sense of belief. And I truly hope he never makes such crude comments again.

Ann Winn-Johnson

West Newfield