I’m writing to share my enthusiastic support of Brownie Carson for the Maine Senate District 24 seat, which covers Freeport, Pownal, North Yarmouth, Brunswick and Harpswell.

I’ve known Brownie for nearly 30 years as a colleague, during and since his long tenure as executive director of the Natural Resources Council of Maine. Over these decades, I’ve witnessed Brownie as an individual with both a strong intellect and a fierce commitment to ensuring the wellbeing of Maine people. He’s an individual with great integrity, competence, and humility, a powerful combination of assets in someone eager to serve our communities.

Brownie has spent the better part of the past year speaking to as many individuals and business leaders as possible across the fistrict, committing himself to understanding the needs of his future constituents intimately. He is passionate in his support of educational excellence, small business development, veteran services, environmental protection, and equal rights for all Mainers.

I hope you’ll join me in voting for Brownie Carson in November to represent Senate District 24. I have the greatest confidence that our communities will be extremely well served.

Jo D. Saffeir