Paul LePage has been a humiliation to the citizens of the state of Maine since he first ran for office. Time and time again we have been subjected to his crude remarks and bullying behaviors toward anyone he perceives as a threat.

The list of offenders is long and includes women, the NAACP, Muslims, college students, all Democrats, some Republicans, southern Maine, immigrants, President Obama, transgender people, the environment, etc.

Gov. LePage is employed by us, the citizens of Maine. If an employee of a Maine business or student at any Maine private or public school or university used the language LePage used in his voicemail to Rep. Drew Gattine and threatened violence toward a fellow employee or student, as LePage clearly did, they would be dismissed or suspended.

The governor has repeatedly demonstrated a level of emotional immaturity and poor self-control that is appalling for a holder of any office in a democratic society. LePage should step down.

Robin and Paul Beltramini