It is clear that tenants in Portland – who have seen rents increase by 40 percent in the last five years while their incomes, on average, have dropped – could benefit from action by City Hall.

However, I was shocked to read that Mayor Ethan Strimling last week proposed a sweeping city ordinance designed to address many tenant concerns without, apparently, reviewing it with City Attorney Danielle West-Chuhta.

She was left to question the legality and feasibility of a number of the measure’s provisions upon hearing them for the first time only when the mayor presented the ordinance in a public session of a City Council committee.

Perhaps someone should remind Mayor Strimling that he is not a gadfly but a member of a team that should work collaboratively and cooperatively for the good of the city. As it is, he more often gives the appearance of being either a rank amateur or, worse, someone who is grandstanding rather than governing.

Ellen D. Murphy