Our family lives in southern Ontario and has been visiting Kennebunkport for going on 30 years now. We come each year for about seven to 10 days, sometimes making a second visit around Thanksgiving.

In July, we had our usual visit and went to Portland for a harbor cruise and dinner at Fore Street. Another Portland day, we ate at Street and Co. We always take a shopping trip to Freeport and the South Portland mall.

Each visit takes us exploring, shopping and dining out from Wells through to Freeport.

I even subscribe to the online edition of the Portland Press Herald and read it every day! I also watch the WCSH newscast online.

Over the last few years, I have followed the increasingly bully-like tactics of your governor and then his most recent unbelievable actions and comments.

Until he leaves office, I find it difficult for our family to return. I know that the $5,000-plus that we spend each trip won’t hurt your economy; however, something needs to be done to teach everyone that his terrible language and “my way or the highway” and heavy-handed bullying style is not acceptable. It would certainly not be accepted in any business, anywhere!

Gary Chalk

Brantford, Ontario