I wish I could tell the governor that it doesn’t have to be like this.

He doesn’t have to live with the relentless stress, resentment and deep frustration that seem to be destroying his health. He doesn’t have to watch his legacy dissolve along with the faith and trust of all good Mainers.

I want him to know that I have never doubted his sincerity. He’s fought hard for his ideals. But his constant aggravation is confusing; I’m sure he loves the state of Maine, but it sure feels as if he doesn’t like most Mainers very much at all.

It may help to remind him that history won’t have to hold Gov. Paul LePage as a figure weakened by anger, ego and vindictiveness, notable primarily for wrecking Maine’s Republican Party.

And it’s not imperative that he suffer the shame and anguish of being sidelined for the two years left in his term. Because he still has the opportunity to be remembered for one truly selfless act of good governance.

I’d ask him to, please, step down so Maine can forgive him and get on with our future.

Lisa Wilson