Bank and credit union customers in Maine have been receiving fraudulent text messages from scammers trying to obtain their account information, according to state regulators.

The messages appear to come from a customer’s bank or credit union and indicate that there is a problem with an account or debit card, according to Maine’s Bureau of Financial Institutions at the Department of Professional and Financial Regulation. It said the scammers urgently request account and other personal information in order to fix the nonexistent problem.

The bureau warned consumers to be aware of the scam and not to divulge bank or credit union account numbers or other personal information by text, phone or email.

The customers of several banks and credit unions received the text message, it said. The message does not contain the name of any particular institution and appears randomly sent to cellphone numbers without targeting consumers at any particular institution.

“Banks and credit unions will not text, call, or email customers asking them to divulge account numbers, pins or Social Security numbers,” bureau Superintendent Lloyd LaFountain III said.

LaFountain said customers receiving unexpected calls, emails or text messages should call their bank or credit union directly and talk to an employee. He said customers should always be vigilant to protect their personal information and monitor account statements.

If you suspect that you have received a scam text, don’t return it or call the number provided, he said. A bank or credit union does not request personal account information in such a manner.

The bureau’s consumer outreach specialist is available to answer questions related to financial scams or accounts in general. The bureau’s phone number is 624-8570, and its website is


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