The House Majority PAC has been critical of U.S. Rep. Bruce Poliquin, R-2nd District, and the fact that his campaign has benefited from over $250,000 in donations from Wall Street. This is outrageous, and a congressional hearing should be held.

One can only assume these funds come from higher-than-needed fees from investors or lower interest rates – or both.

Many investors are simply trying to build a nest egg to help with the government-approved Ponzi scheme called Social Security.

Wall Street should not support any politicians for gain if it affects investors. The House Majority PAC seems to be strangely silent on the over $47 million in Wall Street donations benefiting the Clinton campaign. Is this just politics as usual?

If a congressional hearing were held, one would assume that the big fish would trump the little fish (no pun intended). When Hillary Clinton said she was going after Wall Street, I guess they heard her loud and clear. One can only hope they saved some funds for the foundation.

I hope the media will list all the companies that gave to politicians, so that we small investors can seek alternative investments. It is time for voters to say “Enough is enough!”

Art Sears