I read with interest the article on Unity College and its new president, Melik Peter Khoury (Portland Press Herald, Page B3, Sept. 12). The college’s mission – sustainability and environmental stewardship – is certainly a crucial one as we face the ever-increasing dangers of climate change.

It’s heartening to read how the college is keeping costs down for students and building facilities that are free of fossil fuels. A number of other worthy goals are enumerated in the article.

So it was shocking to read that the president was passing out water bottles to students on the day they moved in. Plastic, toss-away items are a significant reason we are facing the ecological crises on the planet.

I nearly cry when viewing the hundreds of plastic bottles and other disposable items in grocery store aisles, knowing this is being replicated in thousands of stores throughout the world.

Unless those bottles are made of glass, I urge Unity College to be more conscious of such an important matter. Be consistent in your mission.

Barbara Doughty