Grandparents Day falls on the first Sunday after Labor Day each year. While it’s nice to have a holiday that celebrates the importance of elders in our families, my hope is that we can see Grandparents Day as a time to think of how we (and our government) can support our growing number of seniors.

While a card or flowers are welcome, what I want is to know that seniors in my family be able to age with dignity. We need to make sure no senior has to worry about what’s going to happen when they need extra assistance later in life.

They should be able to know that they can stay at home and not have to go to a nursing home unless they choose to. They should be able to know that their kids won’t have to put their own lives on hold if their parents need caregivers.

So when all of us celebrate Grandparents Day with our families and in our communities, let’s remember what seniors really want and need: support to live dignified lives as they age.

Adam Goode

Democratic state representative


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