John Frake, 31, of Litchfield, is in his eighth year serving up french fries at fairs throughout Maine. Frake works full time for Aucoin Concessions, which operates Steve’s French Fries, along with a few other food stands.

Starting at the Old Port Festival and ending in Fryeburg, the french fries, made from Maine potatoes, are cut, fried and served by Frake and others who work for the company.

“I like that it is something different every day. Every week, a different place and different people,” said Frake.

He stays in campers for the duration of each fair, along with others who work for the company.

The only part that he doesn’t enjoy is the heat in the food stand on hot days. For that reason, he prefers the fairs that occur later in the season, such as Fryeburg, when the weather turns fall-like and the temperatures begin to drop.