It is distressing to see the level of acrimony and mean-spirited language that is displayed in politics these days.

When did it become acceptable for people in governmental authority and those hoping to become elected to speak in such language that their words have to be deleted before they can be repeated in writing or on TV?

Now people seem to think it is OK to respond in similar fashion, as in graffiti and mean letters to out-of-staters.

I am very concerned about what our children are discerning from all of this. It used to be that the adults taught children how to behave and converse with others, but that seems to no longer be the case.

I fear that people will decide to stay away from the polls on Election Day, since they don’t want to vote for those running for office. I hope not.

There are many good people who truly want to serve their community, their state and their nation, and they deserve our votes. We must not allow ourselves to be disenfranchised by those who represent nastiness. We also need to vote on important referendum issues.

Just think: If you don’t vote, the issues that are important to you may lose by default. Please vote on Election Day or by absentee ballot!

Christine Kimball