The 2-year-old boy who was rescued Sept. 16 from the Kennebec River in Augusta by a passer-by has been released from a hospital.

Augusta Police Deputy Chief Jared Mills said Monday his department continues to investigate the incident.

Witnesses on the west side of the river spotted the boy, wearing a hoodie and a diaper, in the water and began yelling to people on the east side of the river for help.

Sean Scanlon, who was on the east bank, jumped in the river to grab the boy, who he said was floating face-down and was turning blue. Scanlon brought him to the riverbank, started chest compressions, and then Augusta Fire and Rescue arrived and took over live-saving care. The boy was revived, and he was taken to a hospital.

Augusta police have declined to identify the boy or his guardians. Police have said they were waiting to see the medical condition of the boy before deciding whether to bring charges.

This story will be updated.