Brunswick citizens are entitled to know why I voted as I did on the matter of the disposition of the tax-acquired property at 946 Mere Point Road.

I agree with all those who say that it is a sweet piece of land with lovely water views. However, when I went back to Brunswick’s 2008 Comprehensive Plan and reviewed the list of costly key objectives and key actions still to be accomplished, including several initiatives for the schools and the town’s basic infrastructure, retaining the property with its extremely limited water access did not seem prudent.

In fact, the town has acquired several properties with water access since 2008, even though acquiring water access is neither a key objective nor a key action in the Comp Plan.

Many of the properties currently on the Parks and Recreation Department rolls are neglected or in disrepair because we do not have the resources to maintain them properly.

In my view, 946 Mere Point with its steep bluff and sticky mud bottom, is not a good, family-friendly spot for swimming.

I am not persuaded that this is the last piece of waterfront property the town will ever be able to acquire.

Finally, on the vote to restrict proceeds from the sale to developing public water access, although allocating funds for that purpose is a worthy consideration, I wish that we had decided to retain flexibility. However, I accept the will of the majority.

I am honored to serve, and look forward to hearing from constituents.

Alison Harris, town councilor at-large

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