Elijah Breton

banner-personalOffice sought: Representative – District 65
Age: 22
Occupation: Recent graduate
Education: Bachelor of Arts from Ithaca College
Hometown: Poland
Family: Single, no children

Political experience:

I have never held office before, which only adds to my point that we need fresh perspectives in Augusta.

Why are you running for office?

I am running for office because we need younger, fresher perspectives in Augusta. I am running because the status quo needs to go. I, like many of you have grown tired of the establishment politics. Augusta needs representatives who won’t toe the party line/ We need more independent minded thinkers like myself to create tangible solutions. I want to be part of Maine’s future moving forward. I want to solve the issues that are currently facing the state right now. Our district has not been properly represented and our voices have been left behind in Augusta. That needs to change. I am the only candidate who has not sold out to special interests. I am running for office because we need people like myself who will listen to the people, rather than large corporations. I am running because I am passionate about helping others and standing up for the right things. It is time to start getting some productivity out of Augusta.

Correction: This page was updated on Oct. 30 to correct Mr. Breton’s family information. He is not married and has no children.



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