Ruth Lyons for the House of Representatives

I am writing in support of Ruth Lyons who is running for the Maine House of Representatives representing Topsham. As most residents are aware, Ruth has served in many capacities for the Town of Topsham and recently retired from holding the position of Municipal Clerk. Ruth also has operated a number of local businesses making her aware of the many government regulations and requirements placed on small businesses. In addition to her work history, she has supported the community by volunteering with the food pantry, church activities, been an active member of the American Legion Auxiliary and Rotary, and participated in a variety of different local charities. After recently retiring from her position with town government she continued working hard for Topsham by successfully running for Selectman, a position she now continues to hold.

Her work experience, participation with local activities, and volunteering makes Ruth the ideal candidate to serve in the Maine House on behalf of the residents of Topsham . No one has demonstrated a stronger commitment in supporting the Town of Topsham and its residents. I ask you to join me and vote for Ruth on election day, allowing her to continue working on behalf of the citizens of Topsham.

Tom Sawyer,


Lyons is the right choice for Topsham

I will vote for Ruth Lyons for State Representative for Topsham and I urge you to do the same. I have known Ruth for over 20 years, both personally and as our outstanding town clerk. The one single best political quality that she has is her great desire to what is in the best interests of all the people, regardless of political persuasion. She once told me that, as town clerk, it was absolutely critical that she did not let her personal feelings favor one group over another, but that all were entitled to equal treatment under the laws and ordinances, as they were written. She not only believes that, she demonstrated that as our town clerk. I know that she will carry this same attitude to Augusta and will not be influenced by party politics, but by the needs of the people she will represent.

Dan Konieczko,


Support for Ranked Choice Voting

With election season upon us, it’s not easy to escape the ubiquitous campaign commercials on TV and radio. And it’s undeniable that campaign commercials have gotten progressively more negative and nasty.

The current winner-take-all electoral system promotes negative campaigning because through negative advertising, candidates hope that voters won’t waste their vote on their opponents. Unfortunately, we, the public, are at the receiving end of all this dirt.

Fortunately, there is an antidote to both negative campaign ads and “wasted votes” — Ranked Choice Voting. RCV discourages negative campaigning because candidates know they need all the votes they can get, and tend to show greater civility when potential votes are on the line.

I encourage Mainers to vote for Ranked Choice Voting by voting YES on Question 5 on this year’s ballot. It’s time for more voice, more choice, and more civility.

For an explanation of RCV, visit

Ted Markow,


Re-elect Jennifer DeChant for District 52

On Nov. 8, the voters of Bath have the opportunity to Re-Elect a person who is responsive, thorough and engaged in representing Bath in Augusta. We have the opportunity to re-elect Jennifer DeChant as State Representative of House District 52, Bath.

As a constituent, I contacted Jennifer with what seemed like an impossible situation. Without hesitation she submitted three different bills to attack the situation from different angles. I am grateful for all the effort she put forth in my situation. I was so impressed with how brave she was. She was realistic from the beginning about our chances yet she still followed through with those bills which involved going toe-to-toe with the powerful insurance and utility lobby.

I know a lot of work on her part went into getting to the point that we did. I was just one person and it felt good to have Rep. Jennifer by my side. For this reason and many others, I urge voters of Bath to re-elect Representative DeChant. She has my vote.

Joanne Adams