Stanley Byron Short Jr.


Office Sought: Representative – District 106
Age: 65
Occupation: State Legislator
Education: Graduated from Lawrence High School and Southern Maine Vocation Institute
Family: Married, two children
Hometown: Pittsfield

Political experience

When I think of my political experience I believe that it goes far beyond the boundaries of the last four years that I have had the privilege of serving the residence of Clinton. Detroit, and Pittsfield as their Representative in the Maine House. I believe that my many years of experience as a Labor Leader, not only here in Maine but throughout 14 States, counts as political experience. During that time I had meetings with many political leaders at both the state and federal level to discuss the issues of working men and women. Nearly all of the books that I have read in my lifetime are about political figures and/or political issues from around the world.

I truly enjoy the world of politics and having the privilege of being a part of that world thanks to the people of Clinton, Detroit and Pittsfield.

Why are you running for office?

My reasons for running for office are many, but first and foremost is my heartfelt desire to assist the people of Clinton, Detroit and Pittsfield with meeting the challenges that life brings their way and I believe that as a member of the House of Representatives I have the ability to do just that. Secondly I have a world of experience in assisting working men and women and their families for nearly thirty years and I want to use that experience to continue with that effort. I also believe the experience that I gained by being party to the successful negotiations of eighteen labor contracts, and being an advocate for working men and women, will be of great value to all concerns when it comes to reaching good bi-partisan solutions that will be of benefit to businesses and their workers alike.

Also, I believe very strongly that the State of Maine has a great deal of potential when it comes to attracting businesses, small and large alike, and I want to see that potential developed for the good of all Mainers. I am very interested in the further development of our fishing and hunting opportunities throughout Maine, because I believe that the job opportunities and small business opportunities that would come from that expansion are limitless. I also want to be party to doing everything possible to protect the jobs of the papermakers that we have left here in Maine. I also want to take part in developing bi-partisan solutions that will assist the working men and women that have suffered through the devastating loss of good paying jobs with great benefits due to the shutting down of so many paper mills.

Finally, I find working for the people of Maine a very rewarding experience, I enjoy assisting them whenever and wherever I can. Furthermore, I find the learning experience that I have gained from just sitting down and listening to them to be priceless, especially when it comes to making decisions that will have an affect on them.


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