Please join me in re-electing Cathy Breen as our state senator. Cathy has been a great friend to Westbrook. While on the Falmouth Town Council and then in the state Senate, Cathy has worked for high-quality K-12 education, improved college affordability, small business growth, tax reform, early childhood social and emotional health in Maine, and a strong environment. While on the Falmouth Town Council, Cathy was a strong proponent of controlled growth and land conservation and led the effort to pass the 2007 Open Space referendum, one of the most successful municipal efforts to conserve local land and wildlife habitat in Maine history.

In the Senate, Cathy is the lead Senate Democrat on the Joint Standing Committee on Environment and Natural Resources. She has helped lower income taxes for over 500,000 Mainers and supported doubling the homestead exemption for all Maine homeowners, and retaining municipal revenue sharing at current levels, all to help stabilize local property taxes. Cathy was also named 2015 Legislator of the Year by the Maine Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Please re-elect Cathy Breen as our state senator.

Brendan Rielly


Westbrook City Council president