I was appalled to learn via Facebook that a scurrilous flyer had been sent out distorting Amy Volk’s record. Although I am not a resident of Amy’s district, this partisan piece of drivel prompted me to speak up in support of an outstanding senator. I served in the Maine Legislature for 24 years, ending my service as the Senate Republican leader. I still follow what is happening in Augusta and one of the bright lights has been Sen. Volk.

Now more than ever, we need strong bipartisan leadership in the Legislature. Sen. Amy Volk in District 30 has proven her ability to work across the aisle, reaching out to craft compromises with her Democratic colleagues on a number of occasions. In a session marked by stalemate and partisan bickering, Amy stood out as a voice of reason. She was named one of the most bipartisan legislators by the Sunlight Foundation, a national nonpartisan nonprofit organization dedicated to making government and politics more accountable and transparent. Amy accomplished this while never compromising her core principles. That is very rare in politics.

She’s a champion for quality local schools, job creation and economic security while practicing the fiscal discipline necessary to keep local tax rates down. Senator Volk has earned a reputation for being a fierce advocate for protecting the rights of women and families.The people of Scarborough, Gorham and Buxton have been well served by Sen. Amy Volk. Please keep her in the Maine Senate.

Mary E. Small