Why are you running for the Select Board?

I grew up in Maine before moving away for school and work. When my wife Sally and I decided to move back, we explored towns across the state looking for the best place to raise a family. Once we got to Bowdoinham, we knew we’d found it. I am running for Select Board because I’d like to help protect and strengthen the things that make Bowdoinham such a special place to live — things like our uniquely supportive and welcoming community, fertile land, rich history and natural beauty.

Finding ways to be a good steward of my community has always been important to me. I get to do this on behalf of Maine’s wildlife every day in my job as communications director at Maine Audubon. Serving on the Select Board is an opportunity to help with the essential business of the town. If I’m elected, my only agenda will be to listen to as many voices as possible, ask the best questions I can and work hard to make sure the Select Board makes smart, responsible decisions for Bowdoinham.

What are some challenges you see facing the Bowdoinham Select Board in the next three years?


You never know what will come up, but one thing I’d anticipate is the need to manage a potential move to a new public works facility. I know this has been under discussion for some time. It would be critical for the town to get this right, not only in terms of securing a new property and planning the transition, but also in facilitating open conversation about the opportunities and best future use of the current public works property.

Tax rates are of course a constant challenge and balancing act. I have been generally impressed with how the town has managed tax rates in recent years, keeping them nearly unchanged for three years despite outside pressures. I would look to continue that tradition of keeping rates as low as they can be while still supporting the town we want to live in, and that our kids and grandkids deserve.

It’s also time to begin implementation of the town’s Comprehensive Plan. We’re in a good position — we have a plan that is inspiring, forward-looking, and informed by Bowdoinham’s history and values. How we go about starting that process will be an important conversation between the Select Board, the reconstituted Comprehensive Planning committee, the Town Manager and staff, and the citizens. I am really looking forward to that process, as it will help shape the next chapter for Bowdoinham.

What attributes do you have that make you the best candidate for the job?

I think we’re lucky to have great candidates in this race. For my part, I’d bring an open ear, a careful eye and a longstanding commitment to accountability and transparency. I would also bring a new perspective, being part of the growing population of young families drawn here by the town’s unique qualities and character. I believe adding that perspective would broaden and enrich the Select Board discussions in good ways.

I have a graduate degree in public policy, and worked previously for the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) in Washington, DC. My job was to track how taxpayer dollars were spent, assess whether programs were meeting their goals and communicate our findings to the U.S. Congress and the American public. If I’m elected, I’ll bring those same skills and values of sound analysis, careful accounting, and clear communication to my work on the Select Board.

In town, I’ve been an active member of the Merrymeeting Trail Committee since 2013. My family and I participate in Roadside Cleanup Day, I’ve helped with the Plant Sale, and we’ve been actively involved in supporting the Bowdoinham Food Pantry, which to me embodies the town’s spirit of community. We are fully invested in Bowdoinham and want to do whatever we can to help it become, as the Comprehensive Plan envisions, ‘as it is today, only better.’

That’s really the heart of why I’m running — I am excited about where our town is headed, and I’d like to help with the work of getting us there.

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