Writer David Horowitz, a former liberal, has quoted a 1960s radical Marxist as saying, “The issue is never the issue. The issue is always the revolution.” Pick any agenda: gay rights, civil rights, the environment, immigration. For the left, the issue is only relevant if it advances their agenda of accumulating power and wealth at the exclusion of everyone else.

Thanks to “white guilt” liberals, that generation of Marxists is now in power in the White House and wanted to continue their fundamental change of America with Hillary Clinton. The spray painting of cars at the Donald Trump rally in Bangor, burning a Republican headquarters in North Carolina or stealing Trump signs in Falmouth, and elsewhere, were just one small part of the process for which they have zero remorse.

What these cowards, who hide behind the ACLU, forget is that we’re the party of the Second Amendment and the rights granted to us as individuals by the U.S. Constitution. We’re also the pro-military party and overwhelmingly feel in tune with the majority of folks who attend county fairs.

They’re the people who grow our food, raise our meat and poultry, proudly defend our country, and build and make things, while constantly being disparaged by the metrosexuals and snowflake journalists from their downtown offices.

You’ll rarely see a Muslim, a Black Lives Matter protester or a Kardashian at a Maine fair, a veterans parade, a July Fourth celebration, a professional sporting event or a military air show.

I, for one, am sick of these clowns in the media and our progressive government telling me I have to subvert my values to theirs. That does not make me a racist, bigot, xenophobe or fear-monger no matter how much they whine. Simply put, they’re offended that we’re exposing their agenda and who they really are.

Frank Thiboutot