Bravo to the promoters of the Eastern Trail. This is a project that deserves our cheers and our gratitude.

However, the photos with the article “Green dream gets real” (Page C12, Dec. 18), depicting Bug Light Park in South Portland, lead me to remind trail advocates that this destination is at risk.

The city of South Portland passed the Clear Skies Ordinance to protect that pristine environment from the possibility of toxic fumes being generated by 70-foot exhaust stacks on the adjoining pier operated by the Portland Pipe Line Corp. In response, Portland Pipe Line has sued the city.

If Eastern Trail supporters want to have that pristine park at the end of the trail, then they should go to the city of South Portland’s website to find out how they can support the Clear Skies Legal Defense Fund and help keep our beautiful Maine skies truly clear.

Mary-Jane Ferrier

South Portland