It was pretty quiet for Carl Germann as he skied on the Eastern Trail in Portland.

Layla, 14 months old, looks at her reflection and a snow drift in Fairfield. Photo by Darrell Bryant.

Katie Jochems’ dog is shaking off the weather in Brunswick.

Crystal Sullivan Fuller sent in this snowy scene from Manchester.

Morgan Moran’s daughter would not be deterred from outdoor playtime.

Looks like Sarah Rawlings’ West End patio set won’t be used for a while.


Nancy Martins’ bird is grounded in Cape Elizabeth.

Ashley Lay Genovese’s daughter isn’t having much success on the swing.

Colleen Walsh Mars caught a lovely sunrise picture in Scarborough.

Linda Morris’ Buxton home had plenty of snow (as did we all).

Jean Turner McQuaid’s house has a pool in the backyard. Somewhere.

There’s enough snow to tucker a shoveler out, as Nicole Vance Lewis’ daughter found out.


Alex Herger’s Boothbay house was still under siege at 9 a.m.

Kelly Macvane’s pooch wasn’t fazed.

Deane Porter had some work to do (as did many car owners).

Mary Beth Booth has some serious icicles (and snow) in Auburn.

Nicole Sears’ dog is nearly covered on Cousins Island.

Aimsel Ponti took a moment during her commute to catch the John Ford statue in Portland.


Only the lights are visible on Jason Brackett’s car in Hiram.

Pat Jaeger has snow to spare in Newry.

If anybody’s driveway in Scarborough is still full, Robert Maddox’s son is available to help.

Kari Miller Sawyer’s dog isn’t having it.

Echo’s just chilling in Portland.

Nancy Martins’ dog can handle the snow.

Opal Laplante keeps an eye on the storm Sunday afternoon from Back Bay Tower.

Daniel Burns caught some serious snow removal equipment on Park Avenue Sunday night.

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