“Unfortunately, it has become Senate practice of late to filibuster almost every question before this body simply as a matter of course,” Sen. Susan Collins recently complained (“Sen. Collins says she will support Neil Gorsuch for U.S. Supreme Court,” March 28).

Let’s be more precise: During the Obama presidency, the Republican Party ground the Senate to a halt by blocking everything. They left hundreds of lower court seats vacant. They shut down the government. And they threatened to freeze the debt ceiling, which in turn caused the first and only credit downgrade in the country’s history.

Not only did Susan Collins not criticize her party’s leadership for setting filibuster records, she also joined in that callow, historic obstruction. Her lame indignation about Democrats’ opposition to Neil Gorsuch is yet more evidence that decades of Washington partisanship have spoiled the senator’s moderation. Sen. Angus King would do well to not follow suit.

Hani Jarawan