A letter to the editor was published March 29 objecting to an email I wrote as a Progressive Portland member.

The email, sent to the 3,800 online members of Progressive Portland, offered people the chance to join me in signing a voter pledge not to support any member of the City Council who opposes the $64 million bond to repair our city’s four crumbling elementary schools.

As a Portland native born to a family of longshoremen, I am proud of the work our city has done to revitalize our waterfront and of the many development projects that have enhanced our community.

However, I am upset that our city does not give our local schools the same attention and priority. And I am not alone. In fact, nearly 300 people joined me in signing the voter pledge.

I know many are protective of our city’s politicians, and it speaks volumes to the close-knit community we have. But as much as we may like our elected officials personally, holding them accountable is what I would expect from any engaged community.

Groups like Progressive Portland are giving a louder voice to those of us who have watched incredulously as our city gave millions of dollars in tax breaks to a law firm that wanted to move down the street. That’s just one example of how our priorities have been unbalanced.

Yes, I am a parent who is outraged at the lack of responsibility for our schools. Yes, I am frustrated because I believe Portlanders deserve the right to vote to fund all four schools. The city has been waiting over 20 years for the state to rebuild these elementary schools. Now it’s time to let the people have a voice.

Eva Humeniuk