A Boothbay man was arrested on charges of felony criminal threatening and terrorizing, both with a dangerous weapon, after a standoff Friday night on his property.

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office said that deputies were called to a home on Old County Road in Edgecomb at 10 p.m. after getting a report of a person threatening the resident with a gun. As sheriff’s deputies investigated the incident overnight, it took “several twists and turns” while the suspect, 46-year-old Michael Holbrook, was at large, said Chief Deputy Rand Maker.

During the incident, Holbrook threatened to harm himself, and the vehicle and home of the resident who had called police were shot at with what police believe was a hunting rifle, Maker said.

Maker said a structure on Holbrook’s property in Boothbay burned to the ground and the suspect fled to another building on the same property, where he ultimately surrendered to the Maine State Police tactical team after being talked out of the building by negotiators.

It is unclear if all of the events are related to one another and the investigation is continuing, Maker said.

Holbrook, who also was arrested on a warrant, is being held at Two Bridges Regional Jail in Wiscasset.