Regarding Michelle Singletary’s April 2 column about the financial troubles of some pro athletes:

Wouldn’t it be more prudent if some of the universities that are bringing in these top athletes for a one-and- done year offered them courses on the basics of how to handle money, rather than registering them for classes that are not appropriate to their future? For example, very elementary discussions in: Basic Arithmetic, Introduction to the Stock Market and Investing, Investing in Real Estate, Trust Funds, Filing Income Tax Returns, Understanding State and Federal Taxes on Goods and Property, Common-Sense Spending, How to Know Who Your Friends Are, Handling Personal Finances and Budgeting and Fundamentals of Writing.

Courses such as these might help encourage the athlete to attend classes rather than putting the university at risk for phantom class schedules given to their charges.

Come to think of it, wouldn’t all of us have benefited from some courses such as these, rather than, say, Introduction to Philosophy?

Jack Jones