It has come to mind that the RFD-numbered outlying areas like Falmouth, Cumberland and Windham have become suburbia with all the “sprawl” these days; it’s even true for routes 26 and 100. Nevertheless, half the residents of Falmouth, Blackstrap Road and Falmouth Road have their mailboxes across the road from their homes!

Maine is an aging population, so it has been told. I’ve been a resident of Falmouth for 45 years, 43 of them living on the Blackstrap Road. I used to go across the road to get my mail in my bathrobe and slippers. The folks with mailboxes on the other side of the road now have to take their life in their hands when crossing!

When I start from my side of the road to my mailbox, I hum a little ditty by the Kingston Trio, the song “Charlie on the MTA”: “Well, did he ever return? No, he never returned and his fate is still unknown. What a pity! Poor ole Charlie.”

Dear Postal Service, do something to correct or simplify this daily chore!

Margaret St. Pierre