A “House Republican Office Weekly Update” identified April as “National Child Abuse Prevention Month.” I call on all Maine Republicans and all legislators and constituents to take practical action in support of this critical matter.

Climate change is the ethical, moral, economic, environmental, political, social and spiritual crisis of our time. Denial of such reality leads to direct responsibility for the related harm to all. This risk will dramatically escalate over time, particularly for future generations.

The lack of response to this issue is overwhelming. It is at best inadequate. In the face of outright obstruction to reality and action, it is nothing less than criminal.

I call on all to attend to this ultimate existential and practical crisis. To not do so is the ultimate in hypocrisy, negating Republican acknowledgment of this undeniable reality: “The presence of a safe and healthy home in a child’s life is one of the protective factors that reduce the risk for neglect and abuse…”

The debate about the reality of climate change has ended. It is a reality. It is reasonable to negotiate regarding the various solutions but we must keep fossil fuels in the ground. Our representatives need to take action, but we need to insist on child-and-other-protective choices.

Specifically, support solar (see LD 1373), block mining (repeal the defective 2012 mining statute (see LD 253), and vote out abusive environmental and social justice opposing policies, regulations and legislators. And ensure human rights for all, especially those most affected by climate change impacts, including refugees (oppose LD 366).

Join the many at the People’s Climate Marches across Maine and in Washington, D.C. on April 29.

The protection of our children and the only true “home” that we have –- planet Earth — requires legislative action today.

Bob Klotz

South Portland