I’m 79 years old. I may not have time to wait him out, so I have to do all I can to get him out.

Donald Trump is a really bad man and a really ugly American. He has surrounded himself with family, Cabinet and staff who mirror his complete absence of character. Like him, they care about nothing but self-aggrandizement. Those who voted for him and stand by him bought his lies, misogyny, racism and campaign to make America Hate Again. They will suffer most because he will and has already hurt their best interests.

The world looks at Trump, shakes its head, laughs and/or condemns his total lack of integrity, exceeded only by his mean-spirited directives. In just a few months, he has shredded 241 years of respect for the highest office in the land. Only those other global psychopathic despots he admires root for him. My sadly serious joke is that it’s easy to tell when Trump’s lying because his lips are moving or he’s working on an early morning tweet!

The “carnage” – his inaugural word – he leaves in his daily wake is catastrophic. Whenever we think he can’t do worse, he does! He hurts and threatens those who oppose him or might be getting too close to revealing his nefarious history.

The world is in terrible danger with Trump & Co. in the White House. The country that gave his immigrant parents everything now is at grave risk. A resignation is the only way to make American as Great Again as it was before he became the mega-monster in a swamp he filled with companion predators.

Please, people, put your outrage into writing, calling and marching to get him out! Resistance is only a bandage. Trump is a cancer!

Carol Selsberg