WATERBORO — The RSU 57 school budget for next year is up just slightly more than one half of one percent, despite a projected drop in state aide of more than $920,000.

Voters in the six-town district approved the $40.8 million proposal at the RSU 57 District budget meeting Tuesday night.  It is the first of two steps that voters have in the decision. The second comes at the validation referendum June 13.

In a memo mailed to households in the district, Superintendent Larry Malone said the projected reduction in state aid was due primary to unexpected changes in the state funding formula as they pertain to student and staff ratios.

“The Finance Committee deliberated over the needs of the district and approved reductions in all areas, including staff, through attrition,” said Malone. “The board-approved budget is mindful of the financial impact to the local  taxpayer, while providing a quality educational structure reflective of the current needs of the district.”

According to information mailed to households in the district that includes Alfred, Limerick, Lyman, Newfield, Shapleigh and Waterboro, passage of the budget will impact taxpayers in each of the communities differently.

Alfred’s share of the budget will increase by 6.72 percent, or by about $176,000. It would result in an increase of $28.09  on a property valued at $100,000.

Limerick’s increase is pegged at 4.75 percent, or $143,000, which translates into a $21.42 increase on a $100,000 property; Lyman, up 4.53 percent,  or by $195,300, would see a $22.39 increase on a $100,000 property; Newfield, at a 4.69 percent or $85,700 increase, would add an extra $24.81 to a $100,000 property; Shapleigh, up 5.42 percent, or $200,100, would have a tax increase of $13.17 on a $100,000 property. Waterboro property owners would pay $29.82  more in tax on a $100,000 property, with the their assessment up 4.04 percent, or by $325,000.

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