It is budget season again. As always, there is whining from all over about “cuts.”

Have you ever heard anyone say “thank you” for cutting their government handout, pet program or tax break? The federal budget alone is increasing the national debt by $2.5 billion per day. I repeat, $2.5 billion per day. That is $2,837 per year for every living person in the U.S., and $11,350 for a family of four.

So stop your whining and figure out what to cut. Or write that check for an additional $11,350. Since the elderly or infirm cannot contribute, make it a $20,000 check. If you want government-funded health care, add $6,000 per person and make it a $44,000 check.

Do you receive a mortgage interest deduction? You are getting a freebie that benefits higher earners and encourages personal debt. If you get a state tax deduction, another freebie. The list is endless.

If you are not taking those deductions, it is likely that someone else is paying for you. Say thanks!

So, here we go: Assess the role of government (it is limited) and figure out how to be personally responsible. Then, vote that way. Your newborn is $2,837 in arrears, and all of our taxes need to double to pay for it all.

George Lawson