There has been a storm of serious allegations against President Trump. The media has latched on to these and they are presented repetitively. There seems to be a plan to discredit President Trump and slow the work of Congress with distractions. Very few of the allegations have any proof presented.

As a service to the American people, I suggest the following to clarify the issues:

Anyone alleging a misdeed should be asked “Where is the proof?” If the proof is a verbal communication, who said it? That name must be given. If it cannot be revealed, then the item is worthless hearsay. If that name is revealed, then that person must verify that they said it, and then present tangible proof of the basis of their statement.

Anyone who makes a written allegation must similarly present tangible proof. If the alleger cannot, then they must print a retraction.

Tangible proof should be verified by several reliable authorities or be visible to the public.

If the Trump administration has made an error, they should admit it, correct it if possible, accept criticism and move on.

The current conduct of the media and the government needs to take into consideration common sense, honesty and the welfare of the American people.

Thomas Shields