Alan Caron’s May 28 column (“When did we start loving Russians?“) is deeply offensive.

I can’t speak for the alt-right, nor would I want to.

But I would urge Mr. Caron to lift his head above partisan politics long enough to see that there is actually some controversy about the Russian election “hacking” story.

I have a visceral reaction when I hear we are to believe, without question, the national security agencies’ “assessments” of Russian behavior. I remember vividly reading alternative media in the run up to the Iraq war; while mainstream media repeated the weapons of mass destruction “assessment” and beat the drums of war, alternative sources told a completely different narrative — the one that turned out to be true.

Our government lied to us about Saddam Hussein; why would we expect to hear the truth about Russian President Vladimir Putin? I urge your readers to do their own research.

President Trump just signed over a plethora of weapons to Saudi Arabia that will keep killing innocents in Yemen and stir up more tension with Iran. There is a geopolitical game being played, and we ignore it at our own peril.

It seems to me that building a relationship with the leader of the sovereign nation that has as many nuclear weapons as we do might make for rational foreign policy. Perhaps rationality is too much to expect?

Mary Beth Sullivan