I’m concerned about President Trump’s budget, which proposes funding cuts that would be detrimental to countless environmental research programs and be devastating to Maine’s ecosystems (“Maine environmental advocates warn of ‘crippling’ cuts in Trump budget,” May 24).

If approved, it would terminate the Casco Bay Partnership, among other significant programs, which would cease the environmental monitoring of Casco Bay’s beaches and waters. Without safeguards, our children could be exposed to harmful air and water pollutants without us even knowing.

In addition, Trump’s proposed budged underfunds action on environmental issues that matter to millions of Americans – like climate action, clean energy and our national parks.

Instead of turning back the clock on common-sense environmental and public health safeguards, we should be building a cleaner, greener, healthier future for all Mainers. We cannot allow a budget like this to pass. That’s why we need Sen. Susan Collins to speak up and reject this dirty and dangerous proposal. We must protect our children and preserve our beloved recreational areas.

Julia Gesensway

Environment Maine