I am so proud of our president, Donald John Trump!

He has brought all the Arab nations together to help eradicate the terrorists that are plaguing us around the world. He has reaffirmed our commitment to Israel.

With his beautiful wife and daughter beside him, he has strengthened the commitments the United States made to Europe and NATO. He has received commitments from the NATO nations to begin paying their fair share. His trip to Europe was a resounding success.

He is making America strong again. He is bringing respect back to America. He is bringing jobs back to America. He is making America great again.

He gave up a very posh lifestyle to become president, a life where he was respected and loved. Now, as president, he is subjected to hate and lies from the losing Democrats. In his former life, he was not ridiculed or faced with the character assassination he has been dealt since he was elected. He is doing it for America. He is doing it for the deplorables who elected him, and, yes, he is doing it for the liberals who hate him.

He is redesigning Barack Obama’s failed health care bill. He is redesigning the tax code. He is building the wall. All this, while under investigation for rumors and innuendo.

Thank you, President Donald Trump. You are truly a very great president! Making America great again … and cleaning the swamp!

Mary Jane Newell