Much has been said recently about a liberal bias and the promotion of “fake news” by the left against Donald Trump.

Here is a sampling of some views by prominent conservative Republicans regarding Trump:

“He’s a complete idiot” and “graceless and divisive.” – Karl Rove

He’s “a narcissist” and an “egomaniacal madman.”Bobby Jindal

• He’s “a national disgrace.” – Gen. Colin Powell

He’s a “sniveling coward,” a “bully” and a “pathological liar.” – Sen. Ted Cruz

He “sounds more like a Mafia boss than the president of a free republic.” – Charles Krauthammer

His “disorderly mind” is “dangerous” and “a disability.” – George Will

As an independent myself, with many conservative views, I believe we shouldn’t dismiss all criticism of Donald Trump as the whining of sore losers on the left. Many of the right are disturbed by Donald Trump as well.

John Miller