I was so thankful to see your newspaper publish the hotline numbers that victims can call when enduring domestic violence (“Our View: Domestic abuse victims can find help in Maine,” Page A4, July 17).

This is such a horrible issue in our state. However, in spite of the publication of numbers to call, the reality is that there are not enough resources to help victims once they are brave enough to ask for help.

Safe houses are full, so victims often need to be relocated out of state, far from work or support systems. Funds that are promised to help with medical bills as a result of physical beatings, or to help with relocating to safety, just never materialize. Jail times for abusers are often minimum sentences.

Longer sentences could offer victims time to regroup and try to get their lives back on track. Yes, contact numbers are wonderful to have, but the services behind them need to be more available.

Susan Hall

South Portland

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