CARACAS, Venezuela — Opposition lawmakers appointed a slate of new judges Friday to the government-stacked Supreme Court, which wasted no time in declaring them null as an ongoing power struggle heats up between President Nicolas Maduro and his foes.

Emboldened by a 24-hour national strike that paralyzed much of the country the previous day, the opposition-controlled National Assembly named the 33 magistrates to replace the entire Supreme Court, which Maduro opponents argue does his bidding and continually violates the constitution. Many of the court’s justices were hastily appointed shortly before the ruling party lost its majority in congress.

“Today our justice system has been hijacked. It is at the service of the regime,” congresswoman Sonia Medina said. “The judges have removed themselves from submitting to the rule of law, from the honor of judicial power, to repress, pursue, torture and jail.”

The Supreme Court promptly moved to keep them from the bench, declaring the appointments to be in violation of the constitution.

Also Friday the military announced it was deploying 185,000 troops as the opposition calls for another mass protest Saturday.