BALTIMORE — The NAACP announced a new interim leader on Saturday, along with a nationwide listening tour that will allow it to talk to local members and figure out what the future of the nation’s oldest civil rights organization should be.

Derrick Johnson, the vice-chair of the NAACP board of directors, will serve as interim president and CEO, it was announced at the 108th national convention in Baltimore.

“There’s a lot of work that needs to be done and we won’t waste any time getting to it,” he said.

Leon Russell, the NAACP’s national board chairman, said the organization needs to figure out how best to support civil rights workers on the ground in communities who are working on issues like police brutality, the upcoming census, redistricting and voter suppression.

Talking with local members will help them figure out how to “address the issues and challenges that face African-Americans and our communities,” Russell said.

The first stop will be in Detroit on Aug. 24, followed by San Antonio, Texas in September.

The NAACP has in recent years been overshadowed at street-level advocacy by groups like Black Lives Matter.

Johnson stressed that all of the organizations today are working toward the same goals.

The NAACP convention will wrap up Wednesday.