Proposals have been floated to increase the military budget by up to $70 billion while at the same time cutting health care, education and the social safety net.

This is appalling, particularly in light of the fact that the military, as a whole, is the only part of the U.S. government not to have completed an audit. Although the Defense Department has been mandated to complete audits by this year, and each year thereafter (according to Sen. Angus King’s office), some groups within the military have not even selected a contractor to perform their audit.

Another aspect of this proposed budget shift will be the dramatic effect on women, who represent 51 percent of the electorate. More women receive benefits from social spending, and more men receive them from military spending. By reducing the social spending side of the budget and increasing the military side, women stand to lose billions. Let’s hope they remember this during the upcoming elections.

Mike Michalski