As an independent, I support the Committee for Ranked Choice Voting and its efforts to bring ranked-choice voting to Maine ballots in 2018. Ranked-choice voting offers a solution to the growing frustration with the current political establishment because it allows for independent and moderate candidates to challenge nominees of the traditional two-party system.

Ranked-choice voting can be defended because it is a voter-approved law that presents Maine voters with a fairer voting system.

Last November, voters supported ranked-choice voting; the resulting referendum tally was the second-highest in state history. By resisting the implementation of this law, the Maine Legislature and Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap are ignoring the will of Maine voters.

In 2018, ranked-choice voting will present the opportunity for more moderate candidates to enter election races. As these candidates emerge who are not beholden to a particular political party, voters should expect to hear fresh viewpoints and a higher quality of political debate.

Thomas Spagnola


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