Is Central Maine Power ripping you off? They certainly were ripping me off. And it’s directly related to the “smart meter” they installed at my house in 2013.

Since I changed to an analog meter in January, my usage has dropped 155 percent, compared to the same time last year.

Yet CMP insists my meter was accurate and their smart meters are infallible, even after their field technician tested my meter at my home, twice, with my husband present and found it was overreading the usage by 65 percent. “These meters don’t work well in the cold!” the field technician said.

If our smart meter was broken, there is a good chance yours is, too.

So if you think you may also be overpaying CMP, here are the steps to take:

Call CMP at 800-686-4044. Ask them when your smart meter was installed.

Review your annual payments to CMP since the meter was installed.

If there is an unexplained increase, call CMP and ask that your meter be tested. Make sure someone witnesses the test.

If there is a discrepancy, I suggest that you request an analog meter.

Keep track of your bills and email me at [email protected], or go to my blog to hear my story:

This is potentially a huge injustice. Let’s hope the media and politicians join us!

Janet Alshouse