Richard Nelson’s Aug. 9 commentary, “Maine Voices: State’s balking at new cap on greenhouse gases threatens our fishing heritage,” should instill pride and determination in Mainers, including your governor, Paul LePage. Mr. Nelson argues convincingly for more ambitious caps.

I’m a Floridian, loving my second summer here. Our governor, Rick Scott, has a lot in common with Gov. LePage. Fortunately, your state legislators believe in acting to ensure a healthy and prosperous future.

As long as fossil fuels are the cheapest source of power, warming seas and climate debacles will continue to escalate. Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative states will also benefit economically, creating jobs installing and maintaining clean, new power sources. Huge amounts of money leaving the states for fuel will be reduced.

Poor, backward Florida may be known as the Sunshine State, but it’s becoming the sinking state. Coastline properties are suffering regular sunny-day floods from rising seas.

United, we can curb the dire predictions and ensure our children a livable planet.

Jeffrey Dorian

Crestview, Fla.

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