The Portland Water District advised customers on Saturday to beware of a scam in which individuals impersonate utility workers in order to gain access to homes.

Portland Water District officials issued the advisory one day after police in Ogunquit, North Berwick and Wells urged residents to be wary of people posing as water district workers. Michelle Clements, spokeswoman for Portland Water District, said Saturday she was not aware of any recent attempts to target their customers but that the water district wanted to get word out about the potential scam.

“In light of a couple incidents in York County where men posed as the local water utility to enter homes, the Portland Water District is advising Greater Portland residents to beware of anyone who claims to be a water district employee but does not have proper identification,” the water district said in an advisory posted online. “Portland Water District employees carry photo IDs and generally drive white vehicles with the District’s name and logo clearly visible.”

“If you have questions about whether the Portland Water District dispatched someone to your home, please call 761-8310,” reads the statement. “If you have information about any of these cases or want to report a similar incident, please contact your local police department.”

On Friday, police in York County reported several incidents in which men claiming to work for the water district there attempted to gain entrance to homes. In Ogunquit, a man approached an elderly woman on Thursday claiming he needed to check her kitchen pipes. A second man then entered the bedroom and stole jewelry while the homeowner was distracted.

Suspects in at least two of the incidents were seen driving away in a black SUV or sedan. Police encouraged residents to immediately report any similar suspicious behavior and, if possible, collect information such as a license plate number.

Clements said the Portland Water District has received complaints in the past of similar potential scams.


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