On Election Day, voters in Portland will decide on two different Question 2s.

The statewide Question 2 is very good and deserves a “yes” vote; Portland Question 2 is bad and should be rejected.

Statewide Question 2 would expand access to health care to 70,000 Mainers, including thousands of people in Cumberland County. It would create more than 6,000 new jobs statewide and bring more than $500 million into the state every year.

On the other hand, Portland Question 2 would change zoning in the city in a very undemocratic way. It would allow just a few people to block great projects without any public hearing or process. It would cost Portland more than 950 new jobs and millions of dollars in investment in our working waterfront.

I’m voting “yes” to expand Medicaid on statewide Question 2 and “no” on the zoning changes in Portland Question 2.

Heather Sanborn

Democratic state representative; co-chair, OnePortland