Let’s say the distance from Gorham to Portland is 10 miles. Or even 15 miles, it doesn’t really matter.

Metro would have us believe that members of the general public, in Gorham and the small, outlying country towns near it, are going to drive their cars to a commuter parking lot in Gorham, wait for a bus, get on a bus and then endure the frequent stops during that last 15 miles as they make their way into Portland. Then they’ll do the same in reverse, as they return to the parking lot, get into their cars, and drive home to Buxton, or Standish, or Hollis, or Windham.

Sorry Metro, that’s not going to happen. Your multi-million dollar proposal to expand bus service, and run it every 15 minutes to Gorham and Westbrook, could not be more ill-conceived. Your buses will be empty, count on it. Legitimate public transportation has its rightful place, but what you have proposed is a truly obscene waste of taxpayer money.

Mike Soucie


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