What if Thursday was a person you knew?

What if you had the same personality as a Monday?

Based on my observations of my own reactions to different days of the week, I have come to the conclusion who each day would be if they were human.

Monday; The Pessimistic Buzz Kill

Nobody likes a buzz kill. How ironic because no one enjoys experiencing the bittersweet wrath of Monday as well. Monday is the teacher who answers with the sarcastic remark, “I don’t know can you,” when you ask to use the restroom. She thinks that she is funny, but she is the exact opposite.

Monday is like a small child who pushes your buttons. A bully, except instead of stealing your lunch money, she is stealing your motivation. Monday is the villain within a heroic film.

Tuesday; The Benched Team Player 

Tuesday is often unliked by many, just as much as Monday is. Frankly, I don’t think Tuesday receives enough credit. It is motivated to succeed in the competition to be someone’s favorite day. Tuesday is like the benched player on the football team.

Though, Tuesday doesn’t get to play in the game, he works effortlessly to become a better player. He loves the sport and is along for the ride. He picks up his fellow teammates when Monday decides to bring them down.

Wednesday; The New Neighbor 

Wednesday is your new friendly neighbor. He is invited to the neighborhood Christmas parties because you feel bad not inviting him. He seems to have a good personality, with the exception of his dry sense of humor. He always seems to linger around, like a Wednesday seems to drag on. Something about him is intriguing, but you can’t quite put your finger on it.

Wednesday brings the realization that you are halfway through the week. It is an exciting feeling; one that you may have when meeting the new neighbor. 

Thursday; The Soccer Mom

She is busy. She thrives for the thrill of watching her children be successful in sports, recitals, and all their many other extracurriculars. She also enjoys sending the kiddos off to grandma’s for the weekend for a date with a bottle of wine and her girlfriends.  

Thursday is a balance of business and relaxation. You want to get all your work done on Thursday, so there is the chance to relax over the weekend. Thursday is like the soccer mom because she always seems to be super motivated balancing a busy schedule, but she also knows when to wind down after the day’s work. 

Friday; The Party Girl

She is crazy. Bold. She is the life of the party. Like Friday, she is liked by many. She is popular. Everyone wants to be within her presence because her personality radiates good vibrations.

Friday’s are about letting loose. She dances the night away and lives as if this would be her last night on the dance floor. She is as wild as a Friday night party.

Saturday; The Bad Boy

The stereotypical bad boy searches for freedom. He yearns to feel the air comb through his hair while riding his motorcycle. He enjoys finding the nooks and crannies of the world to spark mischief. He wants to make his mark on the work.

Saturday’s are fearless, like the bad boy. Saturday’s are made for new explorations and trying new things. Like Saturday’s, a bad boy craves for adventure.

Sunday; The Hipster

Sunday is relaxation. Sunday is being able to put your feet up after a long week of work. Sunday is bittersweet relief and recovery. Like the hipster, Sunday can find peace within. A hipster is calm and collected, often like Sunday’s. Like Sundays, he is kind and relaxing to be around.

Have you ever thought what the days of the week would be like if they were human? Would your interpretation of each day be the same as mine?

Challenge yourself. Think about how each day treats you. 

On a final note, if you had the opportunity to create a day’s personality, what would it be like?

Would Tuesday be spunky and cool? Would Friday be an introvert?

The choice is yours. 

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