I am thinking about starting a group called “Church Lives Matter.” I am wondering if that would get the attention of President Trump and the rest of the Republican Party and finally put to rest their knee-jerk response to mass shootings with “Today is not the day to talk about gun legislation” and “We send our thoughts and prayers,” as if somehow thoughts and prayers can stop bullets from assault rifles aimed at babies and children.

If that group is successful, I think I’ll start “Concert Lives Matter” and “School Lives Matter” and “University Lives Matter” and “Workplace Lives Matter” and “Wal-Mart Lives Matter.”

Today is the day to start talking about gun legislation, President Trump. As in the name of the old Sunday school song “Jesus Loves the Little Children,” we know that all lives matter – black, white, tan and red – and that we all deserve a world free of the terror of assault rifles.

The time is now, President Trump, not tomorrow.

Irv Williams

South Portland