OKLAHOMA CITY — Russell Westbrook isn’t focused on the fact that his Oklahoma City Thunder will face former teammate Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors on Wednesday.

Westbrook’s mind is on the Thunder’s early struggles. Oklahoma City entered the season with high hopes after adding Paul George and Carmelo Anthony in trades. Despite the infusion of talent and Westbrook’s still electric play, the Thunder have stumbled to a 7-9 start.

“It really don’t matter who we have next, it’s about us,” said Westbrook, the reigning MVP. “Regardless of what other teams do, when we play the way we’re supposed to play for 48 minutes, it’s hard to beat us. That’s all I worry about is our team.”

Westbrook has been his usual self. He’s averaging 20.1 points, 8.7 rebounds and 9.7 assists. After setting the single-season record with 42 triple-doubles last season, he leads the league with five this year.

But he isn’t dominating fourth quarters like last year, and the Thunder are losing the close games he so often willed them through with scoring flurries. All nine of Oklahoma City’s losses this season have been by nine or fewer points. Westbrook averaged 10 points per game in the fourth quarter last season; this season that average is down to 5.4.

Coach Billy Donovan knew Westbrook would have to give up some elements of his game to accommodate the new talent. Anthony, a 10-time All-Star, was the scoring champion in 2013. George is a four-time All-Star who was the face of the Indiana Pacers’ franchise. Donovan said Westbrook is playing as hard as ever and has had the right attitude.

“I think Russell has done a really good job, just in terms of the sacrifices that he’s tried to make to make the group better, and to try and help our group,” Donovan said.

Center Steven Adams said Westbrook is trying to put the Thunder in position to win but little things get in the way.

“He’s doing a great job,” Adams said. “He’s making the right decisions from what I’m seeing. The plays that are set – it’s not like he’s doing anything crazy and deviating from the play. He’s doing an amazing job.”

Still, Westbrook is shooting just 39.4 percent, which would be a career low, and the Thunder are 21st in field-goal percentage in a 30-team league. Donovan said Westbrook, Anthony and George are still figuring out where to get their best shots and how to take advantage of the space the others create.

“When you have three guys like Carmelo, Paul and Russ there together, you’re going to have to do it through matchups, through who’s open, through ball movement, through making the next best right decision,” Donovan said. “When you’re unable to put the ball in the basket and you’re not getting stops, the simplicity of it is it’s hard to win.”

Oklahoma City’s goal is to get the stars playing together like Golden State did when they won the title last year. The Warriors (13-4) are playing well together again this year, with Stephen Curry averaging 25.6 points, Durant averaging 24.9, Klay Thompson adding 20.1 and Draymond Green doing a little bit of everything.

Westbrook doesn’t expect Oklahoma City to keep struggling and noted it’s been one of the NBA’s best defensive teams. He said he’s encouraged that the team is in games at the end so often.

“We know we have the talent,” he said. “That’s always great, but you’ve got to put the work in and do what it takes.”

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